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Specializing in transitions, Starratt Wealth Management is focused on your life changes. 

As part of the recognized brand, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, you are in the right hands at Starratt Wealth Management. Our model is focused on the transitions of your life, at whatever life stage you are at. Whether you’re an established family, a successful business, professional, foundation, or endowment, we prioritize managing your wealth wisely to ensure you feel financially secure. Our creative, expert, and prudent investment and financial planning solutions are especially helpful during transitional moments in life when money really matters:

Marital changes

Beginning a marriage and dissolving one are two of the most stressful events in life. We walk you through the process to ensure both partners are protected as they enter into a marriage or treated fairly in the case of a divorce. We work with professionals in the field who understand what it’s like to combine or split one’s assets.

Building a legacy

As experts in helping successful families to develop philanthropic strategies that make a real difference in the world, we walk you through the early stages of setting up a foundation or endowment, the process of selecting an appropriate planned giving program, and eventually transferring the endowment or foundation seamlessly to the next generation.


Surprisingly, the financial aspect of retirement is a relatively small part of our discussion. There are many soft issues that you should consider before deciding to stop working or making a career shift. We work with you to explore ALL of the issues surrounding retirement, so you have the income you need to continue on your chosen path in life.

Transferring wealth

We will help you leave your legacy to others through an important planning process. We are experts in providing solid, proven advice to clients on how to structure their finances to transition their wealth to the next generation with ease. We partner with many of the top lawyers and financial planners in the country to ensure all of your needs are met. In addition, Canaccord Genuity's Wealth and Estate Planning group provides exhaustive advice on how to transfer your assets wisely.

Business succession

When you’re ready to consider the future, we will work with you to ensure your plans are accurate and up-to-date. Whether you wish to pass the business to a family member or have already sold it and need an income plan, we work with business professionals to help you secure financing, valuation or accounting. Once you divest, we manage your investments through our business income replacement program to meet your income needs as you enjoy your success.

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